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The album also charted at #5 in the Official Vinyl Albums Chart Top 40 for the period 14 October 2016 - 20 October 2016.
Lub album kuj tau teev npe ntawm #5 hauv Daim Ntawv Teev Npe Vinyl Albums Saum 40 rau lub sijhawm 14 Lub Kaum Hli 2016 - 20 Lub Kaum Hli 2016.
Memoirs of a Madman is a CD/DVD compilation album by heavy metal vocalist Ozzy Osbourne, released by Epic Records and Legacy Recordings on 14 October 2014.
Memoirs of a Madman is a CD/DVD compilation album by heavy metal vocalist Ozzy Osbourne, tso tawm los ntawm Epic Records thiab Legacy Recordings rau 14 Lub Kaum Hli 2014.
On March 14, 2006, Wallace announced his retirement from 60 Minutes after 37 years with the program.
Thaum Lub Peb Hlis 14, 2006, Wallace tshaj tawm nws cov nyiaj laus los ntawm 60 Minutes tom qab 37 xyoo nrog txoj haujlwm.
A star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was dedicated to Hendrix on November 14, 1991, at 6627 Hollywood Boulevard.
Ib lub hnub qub ntawm Hollywood Taug Kev Fame tau mob siab rau Hendrix thaum Lub Kaum Ib Hlis 14, 1991, ntawm 6627 Hollywood Boulevard.
Meanwhile, between 7 and 14 August 1983, the band used the National Exhibition Centre, in Birmingham, England, to rehearse.
Lub caij no, nyob nruab nrab ntawm 7 thiab 14 Lub Yim Hli 1983, cov qhab siv National Exhibition Center, hauv Birmingham, England, rov xyaum.
On 14 November 2014, Fortnum & Mason released a rebranded and redeveloped London Dry Gin created as a partnership brand by The London Distillery Company Ltd.
Thaum Lub Kaum Ib Hlis 14, 2014, Fortnum & Mason tau tso tawm ib qho kev hloov pauv tshiab thiab rov tsim kho London Dry Gin tsim los ua ib qho kev sib koom tes los ntawm London Distillery Company Ltd.
On 14 August 2013 Hietala was the first singer to be confirmed by Arjen Lucassen to guest on Ayreon's new album The Theory of Everything.
Nyob rau 14 Lub Yim Hli 2013 Hietala yog thawj tus neeg hu nkauj tau lees paub los ntawm Arjen Lucassen rau qhua ntawm Ayreon's tshiab album Theory of Txhua yam.
Alice in Chains was one of the most successful bands of the 1990s, selling over 20 million records worldwide, and over 14 million records in the US alone.
Alice hauv Chains yog ib qho ntawm cov pab pawg ua tau zoo tshaj plaws ntawm xyoo 1990, muag ntau dua 20 lab cov ntaub ntawv thoob ntiaj teb, thiab ntau dua 14 lab cov ntaub ntawv hauv Asmeskas ib leeg.
Morgan was born in Wondai, Queensland, the eldest of 14 children to Dave and Ivy Morgan.
Morgan yug hauv Wondai, Queensland, tus hlob ntawm 14 tus menyuam yaus rau Dave thiab Ivy Morgan.
Morgan married again on 14 September 1985 to Joanie, whom he had met the year before.
Morgan tau sib yuav dua rau 14 Cuaj hlis 1985 rau Joanie, uas nws tau ntsib xyoo dhau los.
Meyer married screenwriter and film director Deborah Kaplan on October 14, 2001, and has two daughters with her.
Meyer tau sib yuav tus kws sau ntawv thiab tus thawj coj ua yeeb yaj kiab Deborah Kaplan thaum Lub Kaum Hli 14, 2001, thiab muaj ob tug ntxhais nrog nws.
Zachary Phillip Wylde was born Jeffrey Phillip Wielandt in Bayonne, New Jersey, on January 14, 1967.
Zachary Phillip Wylde yug Jeffrey Phillip Wielandt hauv Bayonne, New Jersey, Lub Ib Hlis 14, 1967.
On February 14, 2016, Hunt joined Jeff Gutt's band Rival City Heights for the tour with Trapt.
Thaum Lub Ob Hlis 14, 2016, Hunt tau koom nrog Jeff Gutt's band Rival City Heights rau kev ncig xyuas nrog Trapt.
Scream is the eleventh studio album by English heavy metal singer Ozzy Osbourne, released in the United Kingdom on 14 June 2010.
Scream yog lub thib kaum ib studio album los ntawm Askiv hnyav hlau hu nkauj Ozzy Osbourne, tso tawm hauv tebchaws United Kingdom thaum Lub Rau Hli 14, 2010.
On 14 May 1984, British Rail renamed the station to Newhaven Marine.
Thaum Lub Tsib Hlis 14, 1984, British Rail tau hloov lub chaw nres tsheb mus rau Newhaven Marine.
At age 14, Abbott entered a guitar contest at the Agora Ballroom in Dallas, in which Dean Zelinsky, founder of Dean Guitars, was one of the judges.
Thaum muaj hnub nyoog 14 xyoos, Abbott tau nkag mus rau kev sib tw guitar ntawm Agora Ballroom hauv Dallas, uas Dean Zelinsky, tus tsim ntawm Dean Guitars, yog ib tus kws txiav txim plaub.
On November 14, 2009, at UFC 105, Couture faced Brandon Vera.
Thaum Lub Kaum Ib Hlis 14, 2009, ntawm UFC 105, Couture ntsib Brandon Vera.
Symphony for the Devil is a live DVD by Type O Negative released on March 14, 2006.
Symphony for the Devil is a live DVD by Type O Negative tso tawm lub Peb Hlis 14, 2006.
On 14 December 2008, BNP announced it could lose €350 million as a victim of the Madoff fraud.
Thaum Lub Kaum Ob Hlis 14, 2008, BNP tshaj tawm tias nws tuaj yeem poob € 350 lab raws li tus neeg raug tsim txom ntawm Madoff kev dag ntxias.
As of 1 November 2019, Singh, along with his brother, remains under arrest as his judicial custody has been extended until 14 November 2019.
Raws li lub Kaum Ib Hlis 1, 2019, Singh, nrog rau nws tus tij laug, tseem raug ntes vim nws txoj kev txiav txim plaub ntug tau txuas ntxiv mus txog 14 Kaum Ib Hlis 2019.
Cataglyphis fortis is capable, as well, of memorizing up to 14 different food odors which seemingly exceeds its requirements for survival.
Cataglyphis fortis muaj peev xwm, ib yam nkaus, ntawm kev nco txog 14 yam khoom noj sib txawv uas zoo li tshaj nws cov kev cai rau kev ciaj sia.
On 14 June 2011, the government of Belize nationalized the ownership interest of Fortis Inc.
Thaum Lub Rau Hli 14, 2011, tsoomfwv ntawm Belize tau muab cov tswv cuab ntawm Fortis Inc.
Education in Belize is compulsory between the ages of 6 and 14 years.
Kev kawm hauv Belize yog qhov yuav tsum tau muaj hnub nyoog ntawm 6 thiab 14 xyoo.
Fortas resigned from the Court on May 14, 1969.
Fortas tau tawm ntawm Tsev Hais Plaub thaum lub Tsib Hlis 14, 1969.
On December 14, 2020, another monolith was found on a field in Peuerbach in Upper Austria.
Thaum Lub Kaum Ob Hlis 14, 2020, lwm tus monolith tau pom nyob rau ntawm ib thaj teb hauv Peuerbach hauv Upper Austria.
On December 12 or 13, 2020, a monolith was discovered on the shore of Sorpe Dam and removed on 14 December by the ruhrverband.
Thaum Lub Kaum Ob Hlis 12 lossis 13, 2020, ib qho monolith tau pom nyob rau ntawm ntug dej ntawm Sorpe Dam thiab tshem tawm thaum Lub Kaum Ob Hlis 14 los ntawm ruhrverband.
On December 14, 2020, a black monolith was discovered next to a daycare center in Pohlheim.
Thaum Lub Kaum Ob Hlis 14, 2020, ib qho dub monolith tau pom nyob ib sab ntawm lub chaw zov me nyuam hauv Pohlheim.
On December 14, 2020, a monolith appeared in Hessigheimer Felsengärten in Hessigheim.
Thaum Lub Kaum Ob Hlis 14, 2020, ib qho monolith tau tshwm sim hauv Hessigheimer Felsengärten hauv Hessigheim.
On December 14, 2020, the satirical magazine ASZdziennik claimed to have constructed and placed the Warsaw monolith as a symbolic farewell to the year 2020.
Thaum Lub Kaum Ob Hlis 14, 2020, cov ntawv xov xwm satirical ASZdziennik tau lees tias tau tsim thiab tso lub Warsaw monolith ua lub cim farewell rau xyoo 2020.
On December 14, 2020, 2 monoliths were discovered, one at a shopping center in Senec and the other in the city center of Ružomberok.
Thaum Lub Kaum Ob Hlis 14, 2020, 2 monoliths tau pom, ib qho ntawm lub khw hauv Senec thiab lwm qhov hauv nroog plawv nroog Ružomberok.
On December 14, 2020, a monolith was found in Newnan.
Thaum Lub Kaum Ob Hlis 14, 2020, pom ib qho monolith hauv Newnan.
On December 14, 2020, a monolith appeared on top of a valley in Niknam - Deh, a small village approximately 15 kilometres east of Tehran.
Thaum Lub Kaum Ob Hlis 14, 2020, ib qho monolith tau tshwm sim saum toj ntawm lub hav hauv Niknam - Deh, lub zos me me kwv yees li 15 km sab hnub tuaj ntawm Tehran.
On 14 February 1988, Vora became a member of the Rajya Sabha, and assumed the office of Union Minister of Health, Family Welfare and Civil Aviation.
Thaum Lub Ob Hlis 14, 1988, Vora tau los ua ib tug tswv cuab ntawm Rajya Sabha, thiab tau ua haujlwm ntawm Union Minister of Health, Family Welfare thiab Civil Aviation.
Neal faced Mike Perry on December 14, 2019 at UFC 245.
Neal ntsib Mike Perry thaum Lub Kaum Ob Hlis 14, 2019 ntawm UFC 245.
Excommunicated, exhausted, and injured, John prepares to flee from New York as assassins gather and learn of the $14 million bounty on his head.
Excommunicated, qaug zog, thiab raug mob, John npaj khiav tawm ntawm New York raws li cov neeg tua neeg sib sau ua ke thiab kawm txog $ 14 lab nyiaj pab ntawm nws lub taub hau.
As of 1 November 2019, both Singh brothers remain under arrest as their judicial custody has been extended until 14 November 2019.
Raws li lub Kaum Ib Hlis 1, 2019, ob leeg Singh cov kwv tij tseem raug ntes vim lawv txoj kev txiav txim plaub ntug tau txuas ntxiv mus txog 14 Kaum Ib Hlis 2019.
The inaugural edition was held in 1975 and featured a 14.5 km course.
Thawj thawj zaug tau muaj nyob rau hauv 1975 thiab nthuav dav 14.5 km chav kawm.
In the 2013–14 season, Feyenoord recorded the worst start in its history, losing its first three matches to PEC Zwolle, Twente and Ajax respectively.
Hauv 2013 - 14 lub caij, Feyenoord sau qhov pib phem tshaj plaws hauv nws keeb kwm, poob nws thawj peb qhov kev sib tw rau PEC Zwolle, Twente thiab Ajax feem.
An Post adopted its current logo on 14 December 2018; it did not make its first appearance until 13 March 2019.
Ib Tshaj Tawm tau txais nws lub logo tam sim no rau 14 Kaum Ob Hlis 2018; nws tsis tau tshwm sim thawj zaug kom txog rau thaum 13 Lub Peb Hlis 2019.
In summer 2013 the club wasn't able to enter 2013–14 Eccellenza, after the relegation and was so subsequently liquidated.
Nyob rau lub caij ntuj sov 2013 lub club tsis muaj peev xwm nkag mus rau 2013 - 14 Eccellenza, tom qab tshem tawm thiab yog li ntawd tom qab liquidated.
On October 30, 2019, it was announced that the series would premiere on February 14, 2020.
Thaum Lub Kaum Hli 30, 2019, nws tau tshaj tawm tias cov yeeb yaj kiab yuav nthuav tawm lub Ob Hlis 14, 2020.
Munster were drawn in Pool 6 for the 2013–14 Heineken Cup, alongside Perpignan, Edinburgh and Gloucester.
Munster tau kos rau hauv Pas Dej 6 rau xyoo 2013 - 14 Heineken Cup, nrog rau Perpignan, Edinburgh thiab Gloucester.
In 1907, 14 - year - old Cromwell Dixon built the SkyCycle, a pedal - powered blimp, which he flew at Driving Park.
Xyoo 1907, 14 - xyoo - laus Cromwell Dixon tau tsim lub SkyCycle, lub pedal - powered blimp, uas nws ya ntawm Tsav Tsheb.
LSD causes an animated sensory experience of senses, emotions, memories, time, and awareness for 6 to 14 hours, depending on dosage and tolerance.
LSD ua rau muaj kev paub txog kev paub txog kev hnov ​​​​lus, kev xav, kev nco, lub sijhawm, thiab kev paub txog 6 txog 14 teev, nyob ntawm qhov ntau npaum li cas thiab kam rau ua.
Ethnicities were 77.9% European/Pākehā, 9.9% Māori, 3.8% Pacific peoples, 14.9% Asian, and 2.9% other ethnicities.
Cov haiv neeg yog 77.9% European/Pākehā, 9.9% Maori, 3.8% Pacific haiv neeg, 14.9% Neeg Esxias, thiab 2.9% lwm haiv neeg.
This list displays all 14 Canadian companies in the Fortune Global 500, which ranks the world's largest companies by annual revenue.
Daim ntawv teev npe no qhia tag nrho 14 lub tuam txhab Canadian hauv Fortune Global 500, uas yog cov tuam txhab loj tshaj plaws hauv ntiaj teb los ntawm cov nyiaj tau los txhua xyoo.
Fury Road premiered at the TCL Chinese Theatre on 7 May 2015, and was released on 14 May in 2D, 3D, IMAX 3D, and 4DX.
Fury Road premiered ntawm TCL Suav Theatre rau 7 Tsib Hlis 2015, thiab tau tso tawm rau 14 Tsib Hlis hauv 2D, 3D, IMAX 3D, thiab 4DX.
On May 14, 2018, Mitski's fifth studio album, Be the Cowboy, was made available for pre - order without prior announcement.
Thaum Lub Tsib Hlis 14, 2018, Mitski's thib tsib studio album, Be the Cowboy, tau tsim muaj rau kev txiav txim ua ntej yam tsis tau tshaj tawm ua ntej.
It was first released on DVD December 14, 1998 by Artisan Home Entertainment.
Nws tau tso tawm thawj zaug rau lub Kaum Ob Hlis 14, 1998 los ntawm Artisan Home Entertainment.
On May 14, 2018, SundanceTV announced they had cancelled the series after three seasons.
Thaum lub Tsib Hlis 14, 2018, SundanceTV tshaj tawm tias lawv tau tso tseg cov yeeb yaj kiab tom qab peb lub caij nyoog.
On July 14, 1789, the French Revolution began.
Lub Xya hli ntuj 14, 1789, Fabkis Revolution pib.
Claudine was released on DVD on January 14, 2003.
Claudine tau tso tawm rau DVD thaum Lub Ib Hlis 14, 2003.
The soundtrack of Fukrey, released by T - Series on 14 April 2013, featured music composed by Ram Sampath.
Lub suab seev ntawm Fukrey, tso tawm los ntawm T - Series ntawm 14 Lub Plaub Hlis 2013, muaj suab paj nruag tsim los ntawm Ram Sampath.
On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has an approval rating of 100% based on reviews from 14 critics, with an average rating of 7.57/10.
Ntawm Rotten Tomatoes, zaj duab xis muaj kev pom zoo ntawm 100% raws li kev tshuaj xyuas los ntawm 14 tus neeg thuam, nrog qhov ntsuas nruab nrab ntawm 7.57/10.
On 14 August 1971, Keegan made his Liverpool debut against Nottingham Forest at Anfield, scoring after 12 minutes.
Thaum Lub Yim Hli 14, 1971, Keegan tau ua nws qhov kev tawm tsam Liverpool tawm tsam Nottingham Forest ntawm Anfield, tau qhab nia tom qab 12 feeb.
Keegan announced his retirement prior to the end of the 1983–84 season, on the 14 February 1984 - his 33rd birthday.
Keegan tshaj tawm nws cov nyiaj laus ua ntej xaus rau xyoo 1983–84, thaum Lub Ob Hlis 14, 1984 - nws hnub yug 33 xyoos.
On the 14 March 1992, following a 3–1 win over Swindon Town, Keegan had become frustrated with Chairman John Hall.
Nyob rau 14 Lub Peb Hlis 1992, tom qab 3 - 1 yeej dhau Swindon Town, Keegan tau ntxhov siab nrog Thawj Tswj Hwm John Hall.
On February 14, 2011, it was announced that Mary J. Blige had signed on to play Justice Charler in the film.
Thaum Lub Ob Hlis 14, 2011, nws tau tshaj tawm tias Mary J. Blige tau kos npe los ua Kev Ncaj Ncees Charler hauv zaj yeeb yaj kiab.
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment released an alternate version of the film, titled The Rogue Cut, on July 14, 2015.
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment tso tawm ib qho kev hloov pauv ntawm zaj yeeb yaj kiab, hu ua The Rogue Cut, thaum Lub Xya Hli 14, 2015.
Empty Mansions debuted at Number 1 on The New York Times bestseller list for e - books, and Number 4 for hardcover books, for the week ending September 14, 2013.
Empty Mansions tau nthuav tawm ntawm tus naj npawb 1 ntawm New York Times cov npe muag khoom zoo tshaj plaws rau e - phau ntawv, thiab Tus lej 4 rau cov phau ntawv hardcover, rau lub lim tiam xaus lub Cuaj Hlis 14, 2013.
In October 2013, Carpenter's management announced that she would release her debut orchestral recording with Songs from the Movie on January 14, 2014.
Thaum Lub Kaum Hli 2013, Carpenter tus tswj hwm tau tshaj tawm tias nws yuav tso nws qhov kev ntaus suab paj nruag ua yeeb yaj kiab nrog Cov Nkauj los ntawm Movie rau Lub Ib Hlis 14, 2014.
The satellite rights of the film were sold to Sun TV. The film's television premiere took place on 14 April 2015, coinciding with Tamil New Year festival.
Cov cai satellite ntawm zaj duab xis raug muag rau Sun TV. Cov yeeb yaj kiab hauv TV tau tshwm sim rau lub Plaub Hlis 14, 2015, nrog rau Tamil Xyoo Tshiab Festival.
On April 14, 2015, the series was renewed for a fourth season by Disney Junior, which premiered on July 29, 2016.
Thaum Lub Plaub Hlis 14, 2015, cov yeeb yaj kiab tau rov ua dua tshiab rau lub caij thib plaub los ntawm Disney Junior, uas tau tshaj tawm thaum Lub Xya Hli 29, 2016.
In 2010, the Royal Challengers continued under Kumble's captaincy and finished the regular season with seven wins from 14 matches and 14 points.
Hauv 2010, Royal Challengers txuas ntxiv nyob rau hauv Kumble tus thawj coj thiab ua tiav lub caij tsis tu ncua nrog xya yeej los ntawm 14 qhov sib tw thiab 14 cov ntsiab lus.
They ended the league stage at the third position, with 7 wins from 14 matches.
Lawv xaus cov pab koomtes ntawm theem thib peb, nrog 7 yeej los ntawm 14 qhov sib tw.