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Hansen was born on September 13, 1959 in Chicago, Illinois.
Hansen yug rau lub Cuaj Hlis 13, 1959 hauv Chicago, Illinois.
On September 13, Puleo released his third extended play Evolution via Never Say Die.
Thaum lub Cuaj Hlis 13, Puleo tso nws qhov thib peb txuas ntxiv ua si Evolution ntawm Never Say Die.
The Treaty of Berlin was signed on 13 July 1878 at the Radziwill Palace in Berlin.
Treaty of Berlin tau kos npe rau 13 Lub Xya Hli 1878 ntawm Radziwill Palace hauv Berlin.
On February 13, 2013, Harmonix announced that RBN ports to the PlayStation 3 are scheduled to end on April 2, 2013 along with regular DLC releases.
Thaum Lub Ob Hlis 13, 2013, Harmonix tshaj tawm tias RBN cov chaw nres nkoj rau PlayStation 3 tau teem sijhawm xaus rau lub Plaub Hlis 2, 2013 nrog rau kev tso tawm DLC li niaj zaus.
As of November 13, 2015, there were nine lawsuits pending against Cosby.
Raws li lub Kaum Ib Hlis 13, 2015, muaj cuaj qhov kev foob tseem tos rau Cosby.
On November 13, 2015, it was reported that four more women—Bowman, Tarshis, Moritz, and Leslie—had joined the lawsuit as additional plaintiffs.
Thaum Lub Kaum Ib Hlis 13, 2015, tau tshaj tawm tias plaub tus poj niam ntxiv - Bowman, Tarshis, Moritz, thiab Leslie - tau koom nrog kev foob ua tus foob ntxiv.
On April 7, 2010, Kaufman confirmed that a PG - 13 remake of The Toxic Avenger was happening and will be produced by Akiva Goldsman.
Thaum Lub Plaub Hlis 7, 2010, Kaufman tau lees paub tias PG - 13 remake ntawm Tus Toxic Avenger tau tshwm sim thiab yuav tsim los ntawm Akiva Goldsman.
He rejoined Iommi and Osbourne to record 13 and toured in support of the album, which reached its conclusion in 2017.
Nws rov koom nrog Iommi thiab Osbourne los sau 13 thiab ncig xyuas kev txhawb nqa album, uas tau mus txog qhov kawg hauv 2017.
Dio quit Sabbath following a show in Oakland, California on 13 November 1992, one night before the band were set to appear at Osbourne's retirement show.
Dio tawm Hnub Caiv tom qab ua yeeb yam hauv Oakland, California ntawm 13 Kaum Ib Hlis 1992, ib hmo ua ntej pawg neeg tau teem sijhawm los tshwm sim ntawm Osbourne cov nyiaj laus ua yeeb yam.
Former Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave drummer Brad Wilk was enlisted to perform on new album 13, which was released in June 2013.
Yav dhau los Rage Against the Machine thiab Audioslave drummer Brad Wilk tau sau npe ua yeeb yam tshiab album 13, uas tau tso tawm thaum Lub Rau Hli 2013.
1969 - 1979 Disc One tracks 1 - 16; Disc Two tracks 1 - 13.
1969 - 1979 Disc Ib lem 1 - 16; Disc Ob Zaj 1 - 13.
The band recorded tracks at Shangri La Studios in Malibu with producer Rick Rubin during the sessions for 13, their nineteenth album.
Cov pab pawg tau kaw cov nkauj ntawm Shangri La Studios hauv Malibu nrog tus tsim khoom Rick Rubin thaum lub sijhawm 13, lawv lub kaum cuaj album.
13 is the nineteenth and final studio album by English rock band Black Sabbath.
13 yog lub thib kaum cuaj thiab zaum kawg studio album los ntawm Askiv rock band Black Sabbath.
On 4 April 2013, Black Sabbath unveiled the cover artwork for 13. The artwork was created by Nick Dart and Neil Bowen of Zip Design in London.
Thaum Lub Plaub Hlis 4, 2013, Dub Sabbath nthuav tawm cov duab kos duab rau 13. Cov duab kos tau tsim los ntawm Nick Dart thiab Neil Bowen ntawm Zip Design hauv London.
Dixon started playing the bass guitar at 13 years of age.
Dixon pib ua si bass guitar thaum muaj hnub nyoog 13 xyoos.
The street of Partinico where his father lived at number 13, Via Zammatà, has been renamed to Via Frank Zappa.
Txoj kev ntawm Partinico uas nws txiv nyob ntawm tus naj npawb 13, Via Zammatà, tau hloov npe mus rau Via Frank Zappa.
On 13 February 2015, the band announced that Carl Sentance, formerly of Persian Risk, Geezer Butler Band, and Krokus, was their new lead vocalist.
Thaum Lub Ob Hlis 13, 2015, pawg tau tshaj tawm tias Carl Sentance, yav tas los ntawm Persian Risk, Geezer Butler Band, thiab Krokus, yog lawv tus thawj coj tshiab.
According to Alembic he had at least 13 basses constructed with custom options.
Raws li Alembic nws muaj tsawg kawg yog 13 basses tsim nrog kev cai xaiv.
In 2012–13 he toured with Gwen Taylor in the new stage version of Driving Miss Daisy.
Nyob rau hauv 2012 - 13 nws ncig nrog Gwen Taylor nyob rau hauv lub tshiab theem version ntawm Tsav Miss Daisy.
Ozzy Osbourne headlines the Moscow Music Peace Festival on August 13, 1989.
Ozzy Osbourne tau tshaj tawm xov xwm txog Moscow Music Peace Festival thaum Lub Yim Hli 13, 1989.
On May 13, 1936, Luciano's pandering trial began.
Thaum lub Tsib Hlis 13, 1936, Luciano qhov kev sim siab tau pib.
In October 2017, 13 Genovese and Gambino soldiers and associates were sentenced after being indicted following an NYPD operation in December 2016.
Thaum Lub Kaum Hli 2017, 13 Genovese thiab Gambino cov tub rog thiab cov neeg koom tes raug txiav txim tom qab raug foob tom qab NYPD ua haujlwm thaum lub Kaum Ob Hlis 2016.
On 13 November 2019, she was revealed to be the Ladybug on season two of The Masked Singer.
Thaum Lub Kaum Ib Hlis 13, 2019, nws tau tshaj tawm tias yog Ladybug ntawm lub caij ob ntawm Lub Masked Singer.
In September and October 2019, Wakeman embarked on his first solo American tour in 13 years, playing piano shows.
Thaum lub Cuaj Hlis thiab Lub Kaum Hli 2019, Wakeman tau pib nws thawj zaug kev ncig tebchaws Asmeskas hauv 13 xyoo, ua si piano.
In all, 26 people were shot by the paratroopers; 13 died on the day and another died of his injuries four months later.
Nyob rau hauv tag nrho, 26 tus neeg raug tua los ntawm paratroopers; 13 Hnub ntawd tuag thiab lwm tus tuag vim nws raug mob plaub lub hlis tom qab ntawd.
On 13 July 2010, it was confirmed Spurs had extended Redknapp's contract until the end of the 2013 season.
Thaum Lub Xya Hli 13, 2010, nws tau lees paub tias Spurs tau txuas ntxiv Redknapp daim ntawv cog lus mus txog thaum kawg ntawm 2013 lub caij.
A recorded performance of the show featuring Steve Martin as the guest and with an appearance by Matthew Broderick was released by Netflix on June 13, 2017.
Cov ntaub ntawv kaw tseg ntawm cov yeeb yam uas muaj Steve Martin ua tus qhua thiab nrog qhov tshwm sim los ntawm Matthew Broderick tau tso tawm los ntawm Netflix thaum Lub Rau Hli 13, 2017.
Take Cover is the tenth studio album by Seattle - based progressive metal band Queensrÿche, released on November 13, 2007.
Coj Cover yog lub thib kaum studio album los ntawm Seattle - based progressive hlau band Queensrÿche, tso tawm rau lub Kaum Ib Hlis 13, 2007.
On 13 September 2007 Jester Records made it possible to pre - order the album, including a limited vinyl edition, with alternate front cover by David D'Andrea.
Thaum Lub Cuaj Hlis 13, 2007 Jester Cov Ntaub Ntawv tau ua rau nws tuaj yeem xaj cov ntawv ua ntej, suav nrog cov ntawv txwv yas, nrog lwm lub hau npog los ntawm David D'Andrea.
In series 13, Ellen Green, director of the Blue Badge Company, declined Touker Suleyman's offer of £70,000 for 35% of her company.
Nyob rau hauv series 13, Ellen Green, tus thawj coj ntawm lub tuam txhab Blue Badge, tsis kam Touker Suleyman qhov kev pom zoo ntawm £ 70,000 rau 35% ntawm nws lub tuam txhab.
On November 13, 2015, A Tribe Called Quest reunited and performed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, on the same night of the Paris attacks.
Thaum Lub Kaum Ib Hlis 13, 2015, Ib Pawg Neeg Hu Ua Quest tau sib sau ua ke thiab ua yeeb yam rau Hmo Hmo Qhia Ua Yeeb Yam Jimmy Fallon, tib hmo ntawm Paris tawm tsam.
The series was filmed over late August 2007 and ran from 13 January 2008 to 25 February 2008 on BBC Three.
Cov yeeb yaj kiab tau ua yeeb yaj kiab dhau lub Yim Hli 2007 thiab khiav los ntawm 13 Lub Ib Hlis 2008 txog 25 Lub Ob Hlis 2008 ntawm BBC Peb.
The February 13 meeting was uneventful, with only a few hundred participants.
Lub rooj sib tham Lub Ob Hlis 13 yog qhov tsis sib xws, tsuas yog ob peb puas tus neeg tuaj koom.
On 13 October 2008, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced a UK government bailout of the financial system.
Thaum Lub Kaum Hli 13, 2008, Tus Thawj Kav Tebchaws Askiv yawg Gordon Brown tau tshaj tawm tsoomfwv UK kev pabcuam nyiaj txiag.
The competition was first held in 1909–10, and has been held every year since, with the exceptions of 1912–13 and four seasons during the Second World War.
Kev sib tw thawj zaug tau muaj nyob rau xyoo 1909–10, thiab tau muaj txhua xyoo txij li thaum, tshwj tsis yog xyoo 1912–13 thiab plaub lub caij thaum Tsov Rog Ntiaj Teb Zaum Ob.
The second season started its run on Thursday, June 13, 2015.
Lub caij thib ob tau pib ua haujlwm rau hnub Thursday, Lub Rau Hli 13, 2015.
Around 13.6% of Belize's territorial waters, which contain the Belize Barrier Reef, are also protected.
Nyob ib ncig ntawm 13.6% ntawm Belize thaj chaw dej, uas muaj Belize Barrier Reef, kuj raug tiv thaiv.
The world premiere was on 13 July 2017 at Odeon Leicester Square in London.
Lub ntiaj teb premiere yog thaum Lub Xya Hli 13, 2017 ntawm Odeon Leicester Square hauv London.
The 1996 season concluded with the title - deciding Japanese Grand Prix on 13 October.
Lub caij 1996 xaus nrog lub npe txiav txim siab Japanese Grand Prix rau 13 Lub Kaum Hli.
On December 12 or 13, 2020, a monolith was discovered on the shore of Sorpe Dam and removed on 14 December by the ruhrverband.
Thaum Lub Kaum Ob Hlis 12 lossis 13, 2020, ib qho monolith tau pom nyob rau ntawm ntug dej ntawm Sorpe Dam thiab tshem tawm thaum Lub Kaum Ob Hlis 14 los ntawm ruhrverband.
On December 13, 2020, a monolith was discovered in the district of Gemen in Borken, North Rhine - Westphalia outside of Gemen Castle.
Thaum Lub Kaum Ob Hlis 13, 2020, ib qho monolith tau pom hauv koog tsev kawm ntawv ntawm Gemen hauv Borken, North Rhine - Westphalia sab nraum Gemen Castle.
On December 13, 2020 a monolith was discovered in Lethbridge.
Thaum Lub Kaum Ob Hlis 13, 2020 tau pom ib qho monolith hauv Lethbridge.
On December 13, 2020, a monolith was discovered in Kamloops.
Thaum Lub Kaum Ob Hlis 13, 2020, pom ib qho monolith hauv Kamloops.
On December 13, 2020, a monolith was spotted at West Side Park in Gainesville.
Thaum Lub Kaum Ob Hlis 13, 2020, ib qho monolith tau pom ntawm West Side Park hauv Gainesville.
On 13 March 1985, Vora was appointed Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh.
Thaum Lub Peb Hlis 13, 1985, Vora tau raug tsa los ua Tus Thawj Kav Tebchaws ntawm Madhya Pradesh.
In 2015, Education Affiliates agreed to pay the US government $13 million to resolve allegations it violated the False Claims Act.
Hauv xyoo 2015, Cov Neeg Koom Tes Kev Kawm tau pom zoo them tsoomfwv Meskas $ 13 lab los daws cov lus iab liam tias nws ua txhaum Txoj Cai False Claims Act.
The film was the fifth highest - grossing film in North America on its opening weekend, making US$13.9 million.
Cov yeeb yaj kiab yog qhov ua yeeb yaj kiab thib tsib uas tau nyiaj ntau tshaj plaws hauv North America thaum nws qhib lub asthiv, ua $ 13.9 lab.
On July 13, 2011, affiliates of TPG Capital acquired PRIMEDIA for approximately $525 million, or $7.10 per share in cash.
Thaum Lub Xya Hli 13, 2011, cov koom tes ntawm TPG Capital tau txais PRIMEDIA rau kwv yees li $ 525 lab, lossis $ 7.10 ib feem ntawm cov nyiaj ntsuab.
Guthrie gave birth to their first child, a daughter, Vale Guthrie Feldman, on August 13, 2014.
Guthrie yug lawv thawj tus menyuam, ib tug ntxhais, Vale Guthrie Feldman, thaum Lub Yim Hli 13, 2014.
Feyenoord is one of the most successful clubs in Dutch football, winning 15 Eredivisie titles, 13 KNVB Cups, and 4 Johan Cruyff Shields.
Feyenoord yog ib lub koom haum ua tau zoo tshaj plaws hauv Dutch football, yeej 15 lub npe Eredivisie, 13 KNVB khob, thiab 4 Johan Cruyff Shields.
An Post adopted its current logo on 14 December 2018; it did not make its first appearance until 13 March 2019.
Ib Tshaj Tawm tau txais nws lub logo tam sim no rau 14 Kaum Ob Hlis 2018; nws tsis tau tshwm sim thawj zaug kom txog rau thaum 13 Lub Peb Hlis 2019.
Mallorca was relegated from La Liga on the last day of the 2012–13 season.
Mallorca raug tshem tawm ntawm La Liga hnub kawg ntawm lub caij 2012 - 13.
On 13 February 2017, two bush fires started on the Port Hills.
Thaum Lub Ob Hlis 13, 2017, ob qhov hluav taws kub tau pib ntawm Port Hills.
Von Neumann's habilitation was completed on December 13, 1927, and he started his lectures as a Privatdozent at the University of Berlin in 1928.
Von Neumann txoj kev nyob ua ke tau ua tiav rau lub Kaum Ob Hlis 13, 1927, thiab nws tau pib nws cov lus qhuab qhia raws li Privatdozent ntawm University of Berlin xyoo 1928.
Prior to the Holocaust, there were 11–13 million speakers of Yiddish among 17 million Jews worldwide.
Ua ntej Holocaust, muaj 11 - 13 lab tus neeg hais lus ntawm Yiddish ntawm 17 lab cov neeg Yudais thoob ntiaj teb.
On the eve of World War II, there were 11 to 13 million Yiddish speakers.
Hnub ua ntej ntawm Ntiaj Teb Tsov Rog II, muaj 11 txog 13 lab tus neeg hais lus Yiddish.
A by - election was held in West Green ward on 13 December 2018 following the resignation of Ishmael Osamor.
Kev xaiv tsa los ntawm pawg ntseeg tau muaj nyob hauv West Green pawg ntseeg thaum Lub Kaum Ob Hlis 13, 2018 tom qab kev tawm ntawm Ishmael Osamor.
As per a survey, 13% of males and 7.8% of females of Haryana are non - vegetarian.
Raws li kev tshawb fawb, 13% ntawm cov txiv neej thiab 7.8% ntawm cov poj niam ntawm Haryana tsis yog neeg tsis noj nqaij.
Built on a 120 - acre plot, the complex consists of 13 high - rise towers ranging from 25 floors to 46 floors.
Ua rau ntawm thaj tsam 120 - acre, lub complex muaj 13 lub tsev siab siab xws li 25 plag tsev mus rau 46 pem teb.
He soon fell in love with the puritanical, high - minded Alys, and, contrary to his grandmother's wishes, married her on 13 December 1894.
Tsis ntev nws poob rau hauv kev hlub nrog tus neeg dawb huv, siab - siab Alys, thiab, tsis zoo li nws pog lub siab nyiam, tau sib yuav rau 13 Kaum Ob Hlis 1894.
The album was released on 13 November 2020.
Lub album tau tso tawm rau lub Kaum Ib Hlis 13, 2020.
The song entered the UK Singles Chart at number 13 with 20,425 units sold according to the Official Charts Company, and reached number six the following week.
Cov nkauj tau nkag mus rau UK Singles Chart ntawm tus lej 13 nrog 20,425 units tau muag raws li Lub Tuam Txhab Cov Ntawv Qhia, thiab tau mus txog rau tus lej rau lub lim tiam tom ntej.
Aretha Franklin Sings the Great Diva Classics debuted at number 13 on the Billboard 200 in the United States, selling 23,000 copies in its first week.
Aretha Franklin Sings the Great Diva Classics tau nthuav tawm ntawm tus lej 13 ntawm Billboard 200 hauv Tebchaws Meskas, muag 23,000 daim ntawv luam hauv thawj lub lim tiam.
From July 13 to 15, 2012, Night Ranger performed in the small midwestern town of Woodhaven, Michigan, for the Uncle Sam Jam.
Txij thaum Lub Xya Hli 13 txog rau 15, 2012, Hmo Ntuj Ranger ua yeeb yam hauv lub nroog me me nruab nrab sab hnub poob ntawm Woodhaven, Michigan, rau txiv ntxawm Sam Jam.
Bell took up guitar when 12 or 13, but only on hearing the first Beatles records was he motivated to play the instrument regularly.
Tswb tau tuav guitar thaum 12 lossis 13, tab sis tsuas yog thaum hnov ​​​​cov ntaub ntawv Beatles thawj zaug nws tau mob siab rau ua qhov ntsuas tsis tu ncua.